iOS – Moonshine Information Technology
  • Facial Recognition

    This APP is able to view the attendance reports of supervisors and employees. This APP is also work in offline to take photo of the user and record GPS coordinates.

  • Vacation Rental

    This APP allows users to find vacation cabins(chalets) and booking through APP. This APP is multilingual.

  • Save My Burger

    In Save My Burger, you live in a pixel packed world where your favorite foods are under attack.

  • GilbertGas

    The GilbertGas is an Iphone app contains tons of app in one like, videos, puzzles and colouring book app.

  • Lease Buddy

    Lease Buddy is the pocket version of the Spekter Online, in which you can calculate a lease, apply for credit, order a lease contract, existing portfolio, etc.

  • Symbie

    Symbie is the social symbol unlocks an information portal containing the Symbie DNA defined by the Symbie’s creator.

  • Kanoodle

    Kanoodle is a brain-teasing game app that enhances hand-eye coordination

  • The EO Bar

    The EO bar app is the oil app, created by the oil users in which will able to see the ingredients and direction of usage.