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In Save My Burger, you live in a pixel packed world where your favorite foods are under attack.

Focus your zen and master your karate chops to defend your Burger against a never-ending wave of flies in this endless arcade tapper! Be fast. Be fearless. Be shapeless and find your warrior spirit to unlock the power of the martial arts. Train harder, tap better, chop faster, and strike stronger to level up your clean white belt into a dirty black belt.


A mobile game with enhanced unique functionalities.

Creating and integrating attractive tutorials which can guide people on how to play the game and use its additional functionalities.


Considering the client’s requirements, Moonshine developed a cross-platform game. Gamers can play this game on different platform like Android and iphone. Our game development team coded different features like: belts to earn, unique variable locations, foods to unlock, etc where users can invite their friends to play the game.


Our client wanted an affordable solution to develop game for Android and iPhone and to cope up with his bounded budget, we developed the game with Unity3D game engine, which reduced the development cost. Online players can enjoy more features with the In-app purchase.

Key Highlights

The Endeavor

We deployed a dedicated team to provide timely reporting by an project manager, designer/developer, a business analyst and a testing analyst. We gave a better representation of modules and features as per the requirements to make it user-friendly.

It was really exciting working with this client and the end result was a successful launch of another great project. Our client had full faith on us that we will meet all his demand and on time. We accomplished assigned a task with full dedication and within the timeframe.

The Features

  • 4 unique variable locations
  • 8 belts to earn
  • 10 delicious foods to unlock
  • Ability to share and compete against your friends
  • Hi-scores to chase and global leader boards to climb
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