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You will find playing the Super fairy tale Sweet Halloween Bubble Bubble Pop Fun game easy but as it has lots of tweaks and twists involved, the actions have made the entire blast game an exciting and entertaining odyssey . While kids will find this mystery match game interesting to adopt, adults will remain engrossed in its level climbing challenge for long.

The Challenge

Failing to adhere to the clues, have to play a level repetitively until you clear it and get qualified for next level. The integration 2d pixel art has added a fairytale flavor to the bubble fun game. Each level has to be completed within 40 moves. Once the game level will complete, then will be auto promoted to the next level.

The Endeavor

The team has been continuously researched to make the features compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies. The APP has very elegant UI. We focused the design on the user interface, and keeping in mind scalability and the addition of future modules. We deployed dedicated team to provide timely reporting project manager, designer, developer and a testing engineer.

Key Highlights

User Testing

At this point, bug fixing was carried out simultaneously with testing. We accumulated acknowledgement from the APP specific target audience and conducted research on consumer opinions as a part of our testing for the pilot launch. The security subject matter experts reviewed all the security risks that were identified in previous phases and verified that they were fixed during testing.


  • The game is set under water, beautiful works of graphics will pull player’s attention.
  • The game is to rescue the red cherry monster and clear as many as colored bubbles.
  • The Halloween bubble bust game involves lot many funny actions and bagful unpredictable frenzy of color matching mania.
  • The game is about random color matching.
  • This sweet witch themed bubble boom game offers challenging time mode.
  • This is a multiple-level game and have to complete each level within a stipulated numbers of move.

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